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I can't trust my father to do anything for me anymore. This was something really important and he screwed it up. I just want to cry right now.
Najoua Belyzel

They won't leave me alone...

I keep getting emails from this company that's trying to put together an alumni directory for my high school. They want to "verify information" with me. I'm wondering whether I should just unsub from their mailing list, or if I can call them and ask if they could just not include me in the directory at all.
Najoua Belyzel

Mother-unit's not always the rabid bitch from hell...

Love is when mom/boss forces you to quit working at 7:00 so you can make your belly dance class on time.

Love is also when she gives you hot chocolate and an ice pack for your ass after you come back from said class and tell her you fell down the stairs in front of the building (I'm fine).

I love my mommy.
Najoua Belyzel

"Steam Furry"

Angel: Oo, I wanna make a steampunk kitsune outfit...
me: uhm... i already told a friend no steam furry, so for uhm... gatherings...
i just don't want to look like a hypocrite... ^^;;;
Angel: why no "steam furry"?
me: because a lot of people are still under the stupid notion that (furry)'s a fetish, not a subculture, and i hate having to go into politics and ruin the nice honeymoon period that the steampunk community is still in
Angel: people suck. :/
me: yes. very much so
Najoua Belyzel

Thanks, Confucius

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.“
- Confucius

I may have some issues with Confucianism, but... that statement's entirely true. I've certainly been doing that this past few weeks.

The truth is, it was a good birthday. It had all the makings of a good birthday. I just didn't let myself enjoy it because I complicated everything.

I finally managed to talk to someone (thank you thank you thank you, Rockett), so I feel a bit better now.

Well... aside from being sick.

As usual, when I go into one of my extended stress fits, it's ending off with the world-famous stress-induced fever. Yay.

It's time for simple now. Now it's time to simply watch Doctor Who.